Your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss with Yacon Syrup

In the search for safe, effective weight loss supplements, companies have gone to the ends of the earth– trying out every combination of plants and herbs known to man, and a few that hadn’t been considered before. Yacon syrup is one of those products that, at first glance, might raise more than a few eye brows but, when it comes to natural weight loss, there’s a reason that it has been called the “Metabolism Game Changer.”

With the new year just around the corner, Root and Sprout, the company who manufactures Yacon Syrup, has timed its release perfectly to ensure that we stay true to our weight loss resolutions. In this article, we’ll explore what Yacon Syrup weight loss is about, how it works and any concerns that should be addressed.

Pure yacon syrup is actually made from yacon root that bears remarkable resemblance to a potato and originates from the Andes mountains in South America. The Incas were known to use the vegetable to make long journeys without food easier to bear because of the appetite suppressant qualities of the vegetable.

Effects of Yacon Syrup
Even on the surface, the value of yacon syrup for weight loss has been pretty remarkable. Several studies have been done on the syrup and its other effects on the body such as lowering ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol within the blood whilst improving blood pressure and since the vegetable has very few calories itself, it has a negligible impact on your caloric intake when eaten raw.

It has been used for years by Peruvians as a natural food sweetener but yacon extract is naturally high in a substance called Fructooligosaccharide, or FOS, which acts as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are a type of compound that control (in this case boost) certain bacteria within the body.

Yacon syrup helps boost the amount of “skinny bacteria” found in the body. These bacteria are important because they increases your sensitivity to insulin, prevents cholesterol from being synthesized in the liver and plays a key role in boosting your immune system.

A paper released in 2009 from the National University of Tucuman in Argentina noted that when taken daily, FOS has been found to help increase the metabolism as well as act as a natural appetite suppressant.

Does Yacon Syrup Help Weight Loss?
Weight loss with yacon syrup is very, very possible. Dozens of studies on FOS and its benefit have been conducted by universities throughout the world and all of them have shown that a good dose of FOS taken daily will help your metabolism significantly. This, combined with a higher sensitivity to insulin, means that you’ll need to eat less in order to feel full and can actually get more nutrients out of the food you already consume.

Some of the most varied and intense studies conducted on pure yacon syrup have concluded that on average, users lost around 33 pounds in 4 to 6 months, along with a marked drop in LDL cholesterol, blood pressure and better overall cardiovascular health.

Where Can I Get it?
Like many high quality diet supplements, however, there are a number of questionable sites and retailers selling a product marketed as pure yacon syrup. It’s important to note that the vast majority of them are going to be fakes and thus, it’s important to be careful.

If the website you’re visiting does not specifically say that their product is 100% pure yacon syrup, chances are good you’re paying for something that isn’t actually yacon syrup. Pure, natural yacon syrup contains absolutely no fillers or binders and most reputable online sellers will ship the product for free. Chances are good that if you’re being charged, you’re probably being scammed.

Root and Sprout is a well known entity among natural weight loss supplement manufacturers and has once again released a product aimed at helping people loose weight, get fit and do so without side effects or complications.

Since yacon is a sweet vegetable, you can find it in many different forms such as powders, pure yacon syrup and even crisps, making it easy to find a form that appeals to you and your palate. If you’ve never heard of it, now is the time to give it a try, yacon syrup stands to change the face of weight loss forever.

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