What Causes Unexplained Weight Gain?

Gaining weight can be distressing no matter how it occurs, but when you’re suddenly afflicted with unexplained weight gain, it can be a real surprise that leads to depression and serious health complications. In this article we’ll be learning about some of the medical reasons behind unexplained weight gain and how to treat them to keep you healthy.


Lack of Sleep:

There are several reasons you might not be able to sleep at night, however when it comes to unexplained weight gain, you may be surprised to learn that your late night endeavors could be making you fat; this is because chances are good that you’re eating at night and increasing your caloric intake, but it gets worse. When you’re sleep deprived, your body’s hormone levels will change, making sure you’re not full after you’ve eaten.



This can go hand in hand with lack of sleep as a major cause of unexplained weight gain. When we become stressed out, our bodies release large amounts of a hormone called Cortisol which will increase appetite. In times of stress, we’re also more likely to consume more high calorie foods.


Quitting Smoking:

Stopping smoking is one of the best health related things you can do, but more often than not, former smokers have been subject to unexplained weight gain in more than 90% of cases because of the active ingredient in cigarettes. Nicotine.


After stopping smoking, a lack of  Nicotine causes you to feel hungrier and thus, eat more. Unfortunately your body will turn on you, slowing down your metabolism while continuing to make you hungry and, since your food now tastes better because your tastebuds are healing, you’ll also being eating more. On average, most people have 15 pounds or more sneak up on them in this manner.



Just like stress, depression can destroy your body’s ability to keep weight off and if you’re not doing anything to treat it, your body will take on extra pounds and further fuel your depression. This is due to many factors, such as not getting as much exercise and hormone imbalances that will slow down your metabolism and increase your hunger.



Medication has a load of potential side-effects and some of them can cause unexplained weight gain. Unfortunately this can also include antidepressants and some types of diabetes medications. This is very dangerous and is something that you should be careful with as the consequences can be dangerous, even fatal.


Despite what many people would like to think, genetics do play a considerable role in weight gain and obesity. If your parents and grand parents are overweight, the chances your own weight will get out of control increase a little. However, if you’re predisposed to being over weight, you can combat your genes with good lifestyle choices, like eating right and exercising regularly.



Being overweight is dangerous but chances are good that you’re not locked into a specific weight gain scale. By eating right, forcing yourself to get active and mobile, you can alleviate problems caused by unexplained weight gain and slim down, feel better and have more energy!

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