What Are The Best Foods for Weight loss

Losing weight is, in theory, very simple; you eat fewer calories and exercise enough to burn off what you eat and then some. What you eat, however, can have a significant impact in the amount of weight you lose.


Certain foods can actually kick your metabolism into high gear, others can suppress your appetite and some can have the exact opposite effect, making you feel hungry or not providing the nutrients you need to feel sated. In this article, we’ll explore some of the killer foods that make shedding pounds easier. Here are some of the best foods for weight loss:


Beans: Childish allusions to musical fruit aside, beans pack an amazing punch for their size. Protein rich and inexpensive, these little gems are slow to digest which helps you stay fuller longer and provides your body with the protein to stay fit.


Soup: Odd as it may sound, starting a meal with a cup of soup means you’ll eat less. So long as its broth based, you’ll eat less when the main course comes to the table.


Oats: Oats are rich in fiber, so rich in fact that just half a cup packs enough healthy carbs that boost metabolism, burn fat and help you stay full throughout the day. Combined with dark chocolate– another wonderful appetite suppressant– can make for the ultimate combination and two of the best foods for weight loss.


Eggs and Sausage: If you get that heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach at the mere mention, don’t worry. It’s a good sign. The amount of protein in a breakfast like this will help you resist snacking throughout the day and you’ll feel fuller right away. Since they break down slower over the course of the day, you’re less likely to snack.


Nuts: When it does come time for snacking, though, a small hand full of peanuts, almonds or pecans will suppress your appetite later and make you feel fuller now. This is truly one of the best foods for weight loss by volume.


Apples: Another healthy alternative to processed snacks are apples. Real raw apples, not sauce or sliced parts or juices. Raw fruit provides fiber that most other apple based products can’t compare to, plus the act of chewing an apple has been shown to suppress your appetite by sending signals to the brain that you’ve been eating.



These are just a few of some of the best foods for weight loss. With a little research and some planning, you can design a diet that will fit your weight loss goals and tastes. As with any potential diet, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor for any potential complications, especially if you have preexisting issues with diabetes or allergies. You can find many substitutes that will perform the same function as the foods listed here and enjoy a healthy and safe journey down the path to a fuller and skinnier you.

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