What Are The Benefits Of Baobab Fruit

The Benefits of Baobab Fruit


Baobab fruit is an unusual fruit that most of the western world has never heard of but has a plethora of benefits associated with it, ranging from everything to boosting energy to weight management. In this article we’ll be exploring some of the most prominent benefits of one of Africa’s most versatile fruits, the Baobab fruit.


Packed with more than fourteen vitamins and minerals, loads of fiber (nearly 50% of a baobab fruit is fiber) and one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any fruit, it’s not wonder that this fruit is so highly regarded. Here are just a few of the benefits of baobab fruit:


As an Energy Booster:

  • Baobab is an excellent source of thiamin (vitamin B1), vitamin C and vitamin B6 which help the body turn carbs into energy.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Vitamin C increases iron absorption.


A Stress Relief Aid:

  • Baobab is an excellent source of potassium which can lower your blood pressure when taken regularly.


Immune System Booster:

  • Baobab is an excellent source of vitamin C and B6 both of which contribute to the normal function of the immune system.
  • Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron.


Rich in Minerals and Nutrients:

  • Baobab Fruit has more than DOUBLE the antioxidant levels of Acai and Goji berries
  • More Than 6 times the antioxidant levels of Cranberries, Blueberries and Pomegranates
  • More Than 6 times the Potassium of a Banana
  • More Than 6 times the Vitamin C of Oranges
  • Baobab Fruit is 50% Heart Healthy Fiber
  • Ounce for Ounce, As Much Magnesium As Coconut Water
  • Twice as Much Calcium as Milk



Unfortunately, there are less than honest companies who are trying to take advantage of the positive media surrounding the Baobab fruit.   Here in the US, it is not possible to get the whole Baobab fruit – shell and all, so your options are Baobab fruit powder or Baobab fruit pulp.  Both are good options, just make sure you get certified Organic Baobab Fruit and that is has been tested to be free of any harmful ingredients.  As Baobab grows wild in Africa, some companies will bottle sub par and even rotten  Baobab fruits, which contain no nutritional value.



Though far from being a miracle fruit, the benefits of baobab fruit are numerous and well documented, making them a great option for any health conscious dieter or anyone looking for a natural, side effect free fruit to get their body back in order.


As with anything, the key to getting what you need is shopping around. Be careful who you buy from and read any labels very carefully, shop around and check websites’ reputations as you’ll find plenty of legitimate review sites that offer unbiased reviews of the benefits of baobab fruit.

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