Water Cleanse Recipe

Every day we’re inundated with a plethora of drink choices, many of which are actually quite toxic to our systems but they taste so good, we can’t help ourselves but knock back one after another because– let’s face it– sugar is tasty. If you don’t believe that, consider this; every day sales of soda outpaces every other drink (with the exception of water) several fold.


That’s a lot of sugar. Our sodas, yes even the diet ones, are packed full of mankind’s biggest vice behind coffee and bad sitcoms. Increasingly, our foods are also taking on more sugar and unhealthy additives that fill our bodies with toxins, lead to health problems and generally make us feel sluggish.


But what can be done about it, you wonder? Is it a pill? A fad diet? Maybe some obscure voodoo ritual?


Nope. The truth is much simpler and less complicated– you can put down the snake pellets; this article is about to show you how to water cleanse your way to better health.


What is a Water Cleanse?

Simply put, a water cleanse is a drink that takes the basic cleansing properties of water and amplifies them with the addition of certain key fruits, vegetables and herbs or other plants. The active ingredients in these plants are usually things like anti-oxidants, amino acids and others that work in synergy to help your body improve production of its own detoxifying agents and  promote better overall health.


Why a Water Cleanse?

With so many products being shoved at us every day, promising the sun and moon as far as detox (and weight loss) go, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every answer is contained in a pill but let’s not kid ourselves; science has come a long way but nature has been around for a lot longer.


With several thousand years of practical experience backing it up, the water cleanse techniques have gone through refinement just like anything else, however unlike most ‘miracle cures’, this time honored treatment is completely free of side effects and treats the whole body, not just one part like some pills do.


It gets better. A water cleanse is not only inexpensive (certainly less than those diet supplements!) but it tastes good. Fruits and veggies have their own unique flavors that you can control; you are the arbiter of your own health in a way that no pill will allow.


Water Cleanse Recipe

So here we are in our kitchen with a pitcher –or jar, glass, favorite mug from obscure band you found on the side of the road– and a fridge full of fruits and veggies (you did get them, didn’t you?) You’ve primed your knife and you’re ready to take off like a lean mean fat burning, detoxing machine. Now what?


Watermelon Mint Recipe (Great for the liver)


Watermelon Chunks

Lemon or Lime

Mint Leaves


Slice up a fair bit of watermelon cubes and put them into your container of choice. Cut up a lime (or lemon) into wedges and toss it in, add some mint leaves and pour in water until it reaches the top. Let it sit overnight so the juices will permeate the water and in the morning you’ll be ready to enjoy your new ‘diet’ drink.


Simple, right? Here’s why it’s effective:

Watermelon helps the body flush out junk because it contains an amino acid called citrulline, which has been shown to help the liver and kidneys flush out ammonia. Ammonia is a byproduct of the proteins our bodies use for energy and its also slowly destroying our cells.


Mint is one of those age old cures that never goes out of style, in addition to its flavor, it improves the flow of bile from the liver to the small intestine where it breaks down. Lemon actually stimulates the production of said bile and thins it out, ensuring your system is humming along. These three things, combined with a healthy dose of H20 ensure internal toxin handling systems are functioning smoothly.



Look into other combinations of fruits and plants that can work in synergy to provide you with the desired effect.

Many cities use fluoride in their water, if this is the case use Spring Water.

Experiment with different types of ingredients and quantities to get the perfect flavor

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