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What you didn’t know about Phen365

Phen365 is a weight loss supplement produced by US based RDK Global and sold internationally, promising to help users loose weight by suppressing their appetites, speeding up metabolism and burning fat. In a sea of similar claims, it can be easy to write it off as more hyperbole, however RDK Global’s FDA approved laboratory does offer some reassurance that Phen365′s side effects should be minimal.



Most synthetic diet pills that promise massive weightloss include a chemical called Phentermine, however after the FDA pulled the drug from the American market, many companies have switched to other– typically more natural– ingredients, seeking to find ways to deliver on their claims. Phen365 has gone with completely natural ingredients starting with capsicum.


By combining capsicum, piperine, niacin and a handful of other natural ingredients, Phen365′s side effects are less severe than that of Phentermine, many of them little more than minor annoyances caused by caffeine present in the pill.


Side Effects

Many of these side effects are temporary, few of them lasting longer than a couple of weeks as the body’s chemistry begins to change. These effects are not common but have been reported in a percentage of users and should be watched for.


Dizziness: Dizziness has been reported as one of the most common Phen365 side effects, some headaches are can also be expected. Caffeine is one of the most likely causes.


Stool Inconsistency: Likely related to the rise in stress from increased metabolism, stool inconsistency has been reported by a small number of users. It should be noted that bathroom visits will occur less frequently as a natural response to eating less.


Sleep Disorders: Once again owing in part to the increased speed of the user’s metabolism, it can be hard to fall asleep, making this one of the most disruptive Phen365 side effects and unfortunately, one of the most likely.


Increased Blood Pressure: This side effect can be especially dangerous to people with pre-existing heart conditions and should be taken into account when considering a regimen involving the supplement.


Increased Heart Rate: As the body’s metabolism is sped up, often times the heart will work harder to keep blood flowing as it should to protect the body’s systems. As with many of Phen365 side effects, this one is fairly unusual and typically the result of an overdose rather than normal usage.


Though it may seem like every other weight loss supplement on the market, RDK Global’s Phen365 has fewer significant side effects when compared to other products in its class and while some of them might seem dangerous at first, many are only temporary and will fade with time.


Though if health issues arise from Phen365 side effects, users should discontinue use immediately. It is always a good idea to consult a physician before beginning any weight loss supplement as the effects upon individual users can vary by things like age, pre-existing condition, and allergies.



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