How to Get Skinny Fast

Whether you’re in a hurry to shed pounds to fit into those jeans you haven’t worn since college, need to loose weight to pass a tape test or need to impress the soon to be in laws in a hurry, there are a hand full of ways you can drop those unwanted pounds in as little as a two weeks.


It should be noted that no ‘quick weight loss’ scheme is as safe as a gradual reduction in weight, but if you’re in a pinch, here’s how to get started:


Start With a Goal

The old adage failing to plan is planning to fail applies to rapid weight loss as well. Decide on a number and cement it into your mind. By doing this, your goal will be something you can work towards and devise the methods by which you will achieve it.


Consider the different in “I want to be slip into my skinny person jeans” and “I want to loose fifteen pounds in two weeks.” That concrete goal is what will keep you focused and the sense of progress as you see numbers drop will keep you motivated to carry on until you’ve hit your goal.


The Plan

Develop a plan, starting with how much you need to loose to hit your goal. Figure that loosing a pound of weight requires you to burn roughly 3,500 calories. Multiply this by your goal and design your plan around it. Keep a log of everything you eat and drink and the exercises you do to get a more accurate measure of your calories.

The Diet

You will be required to shed calories on your diet and burn them in exercise, but you should never go below 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day as doing so could have health side effects. This also means giving up things like sugars, pastries, deserts, breads and pastas. If you’re looking into how to get skinny fast, this is where the bulk of your battle is going to be waged.


Stick to natural and organic foods, eat multiple smaller meals throughout the day to kick your metabolism into high gear and help it burn off calories even while you sleep. Your new diet should consist of fish, 95% lean meats and other high protein meats. If at all possible, remove all other foods from your home to reduce the temptation.


Drinking lots of water will also help your body fell full and further boost your metabolism. Research has found that over a year’s time a person who increases their water intake by 1.5 liters a day burns an extra 17,400 calories– shedding about five pounds with absolutely no effort on their part.



More than any other single mechanism for how to get skinny fast is cardio. Running, cycling, swimming or even brisk walking are first line offense in the battle to get skinny. If you’re on a reduce calorie diet, ease into the exercise routine and don’t strain yourself. Stamina will come with time, but at first the idea is to get the fat burning engine that is your body doing its job. Five times a week should be plenty to get started but allow time for your body to rest so you don’t get hurt.


For best results, strength training should also become part of your regimen, no more than 3 times a week as your muscles will need time to heal. Do your cardio first, by doing so you will sweat out enzymes in your body that would be used by your body to help you lift weights. Instead, fat will be burned instead to keep your body going. If you thought about how to get skinny fast, this is truly the one, two punch that will put your weight back in its place.



Above all, beware of crash diets and magic pills that get sold by the truck load. Ninety percent of these don’t work, especially if you’re just trying to loose a few pounds. You’ll feel better, have more self confidence and be overall more healthy if you follow these simple and effective steps, all designed to show you how to get skinny fast.

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