Foods High In Omega 3 Fatty Acids

What is Your Diet Missing?

Getting more Omega 3 in your diet could save your life.


Omega 3 fatty acids, also known as n-3 fatty acids are a type of fatty acids that are really essential for your heath. Our bodies use omega-3′s for numerous functions like controlling blood clotting, protecting cells within the brain and reducing inflammation throughout the body, among other things.


Unfortunately for us, our bodies don’t produce omega 3 naturally and so we have to get them through our diets. Failing to do so puts us at greater risk for heart disease and even stroke. But just how do we find foods high in omega 3 fatty acids? How much is enough and how much will it cost? Read on to find out.


In Seafood

Of the number of foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, none come close to the sheer abundance found in seafood. According to the federal government’s most recent dietary release, the average person should consume around 8 ounces per week to get a proper dose of the main types of omega 3′s. The undisputed king of foods high in omega 3 fatty acids is the ubiqitous Salmon.


Salmon is packed full of omega 3′s, weighing in with almost 2,400 mg per 4 ounce serving seconded only by anchovies.


Anchovies pack between 2,300 and 2,400mg per 4 ounce serving.


Bluefin Tuna manages a hefty dose of 1,700mg when eaten fresh.


In Beans

Beans have always been a great source of protein and fiber but you might not know that they’re also one of the many foods high in omega 3 fatty acids.


Kidney, pinto and mungo beans make a great side to any dish.



If salad is your thing, or you just want to try a different kind of snack. Nuts offer a great source of passive omega 3 fatty acids that are easy to absorb and taste great.


The big ones to look for are walnuts and flaxseed and the best part is that they can be eaten raw for a quick pick-me-up.



On the topic of salad, one of the best foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, greens of different types offer a fair dose of omega 3 acids and fiber you might not otherwise be getting in your diet; spinach, broccoli and cauliflower are are all great ways to boost your omega 3 intake with any meal without having to sacrifice on flavor!



While you’re considering salads, you’ll want to consider what goes on top of it, too. Flaxseed oil is unquestionably one of the best salad dressings for omega 3 intake, even more so than flaxseed itself, the oil contains more omega 3 fatty acid per gram than salmon. As little as a tablespoon can provide you with all you’ll need for a week’s time!



When looking for foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, remember, variety is key. Just because you can combine all the foods listed hear doesn’t mean that doing so repeatedly will net you any greater benefit. You’re more likely to get bored and stop eating foods that are technically very good for you. Mix it up a bit and in no time at all, you’ll be on your way to great health!

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